The safety and well-being of the healthcare workers, patients, and communities of West Virginia hospitals is our top priority. We have aggregated the following resources about COVID-19 in maternal and infant health to assist you during this uncertain time.


Myths Debunked: COVID-19 Vaccines, Pregnancy & Fertility

Guidelines for Obstetric Providers

Policy Examples for OB/GYN Providers Regarding COVID-19

Guidelines for Pregnant/Breastfeeding Mothers

CGBI: The Carolina Global Breastfeeding Institute has released COVID-19 Milk Expression, Storage and Handling Infographics. The infographics were developed for professionals in healthcare and early childhood education settings as part of the Lactation and Infant Feeding in Emergencies initiative.

Resources for Behavioral Health Providers

General Information

*Original resource list was created by the California Perinatal Quality Care Collaborative

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