Perinatal Outreach EducationEducation, both for pregnant women and for perinatal providers, is essential if we are to improve birth outcomes in West Virginia. Only through the collaboration of many organizations, agencies, and individuals working in partnership can we address the many issues identified by those working with pregnant women and their newborns.

The West Virginia Partnership is dedicated to providing a wide variety of educational seminars and conferences, in addition to hosting the annual West Virginia Perinatal Summit. For upcoming events that have been scheduled, please check the calendar.

West Virginia Perinatal Summit Held October 11-13, 2017

The Summit is designed to bring professionals from multiple disciplines together to discuss perinatal and child health issues. Local and nationally recognized faculty encourage participants to consider new research, best practices, collaborative and innovative strategies in perinatal health policy, education and practice.

Thank you to everyone who helped make the 2017 West Virginia Perinatal Summit a success.  To view the full agenda and the presentations Click Here.

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