Perinatal Emergency Transport

One Call System: 1-866-893-7266

Early recognition and transfer of high-risk pregnant women and sick newborns to facilities with adequate diagnosis and treatment expertise is essential to reduce neonatal mortality rates. The West Virginia Perinatal Partnership collaborated with the West Virginia State Trauma and Emergency Medical System to establish a 24-hour, One Call System hotline (1-866-893-7266) so that perinatal providers can call to get current information, thereby saving precious time.  This One Call System is operated by the EMS Medical Coordination Center (MCC) in Flatwoods and is designed to help callers locate the nearest tertiary bed available and then “patch” the call through to the usual transport number at that center. Callers can also be connected immediately with a specialist at the referral center for consultation.

If you need intensive care hospital beds for newborn infants or pregnant women needing immediate high risk care, dial 1-866-893-7266. Providers with strong relations to their referral center hospital may continue to call their usual referral centers directly.

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