Teen and Unplanned PregnanciesUnplanned pregnancy is a serious social problem in West Virginia. Studies show that unplanned pregnancy is at the root of a number of important public health and social challenges. Children born from unplanned pregnancies are at increased risk of low birth weight, developmental delays, and poverty. Unplanned pregnancies translate into high public sector costs for health care, social services, and education in West Virginia.

Recent statistics from the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy show that the teen birth rate in West Virginia is one of the highest. As is the case nationally, West Virginia women under the age of 20 have higher rates of premature births, low birth weight rates, and infant mortality. The West Virginia Perinatal Partnership has a committee dedicated to working on reducing the number of teenage and unplanned pregnancies in the state. Click here for more information on the Partnership’s work with the National Campaign.

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