Dr. Robert C. Nerhood Receives the 2015 Outstanding District Service Award

From ACOG.com,

“Dr. Nerhood’s outstanding contributions to District IV are invaluable and instrumental to ACOG’s mission of advancing women’s health care.

Dr. Nerhood has made significant contributions to District IV. His ACOG activities include serving as the West Virginia Section vice chair/chair (1992–1998), chair (2001–2004), and District IV Graduate Medical Education Committee chair. His greatest achievement, however, is his work on the Perinatal Mortality Committee. For the past nine years, Dr. Nerhood has compiled statistics on perinatal outcomes for District IV.

…A report like this one requires many hours of searching for data at the state level. Dr. Nerhood assembled a team that meticulously gathered this data and has done so over the past 10 years. Dr. David Jude, the current vice chair of the West Virginia section, supports him in this task. ” Read the full story »